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    2000 points very magic heavy

    Ok first off this list is more of a concept list, I realize that I wont be making too many friends playing it, but its pretty cool. Let me know what you think

    Manfred Von Carstein
    power stone
    *my main caster of course. His job is to make the army bigger, and keep units alive throughout the game, along with providing some offensive power to my magic*

    Forbidden lore (beasts)
    flayed hauberk
    *based around the idea of using the bear's anger on the other 2 heroes or even himself, he acts as a supporting caster at the end of the magic phase. Also with the use of his power stone I can move him to an offensive caster for a turn to overwhelm my opponet's dispel pool*

    Konrad Von Carstein 145
    *Just a good old fashioned killing machine. If frenzy is rolled with him, I will have bears anger casted on him, giving him 7 strength 7 attacks that re roll to hit, and have the potential of giving him more attacks. Few characters, even lords could withstand him in a dual*

    Book of Arkhan
    rides in corpse cart
    *The idea is to use him as another supporting caster, making sure the right units make it into combat and get to strike first*


    20 crypt ghouls+ Ghast 168
    *numbers and hitting power, can't go wrong*

    14 skeletons with spears and full command+ war banner 171
    *manfred's unit, he will make this considerably larger as the game goes on*

    5 dire wolves 40
    5 dire wolves 40
    5 dire wolves 40
    *3 basic flanking units, hopefully one will break through a gap in the line and make it to warmachines and lonely characters. Again Manfred will be making these a bit larger at the start of the game.*

    Corpse cart with Unholy Lodestone
    *great for the always strikes first bound spell, and an extra wound of healing is never bad*


    6 black knights 209
    Full command
    banner of the undying legion
    *The one hit wonder. This unit should be able to roll over just about any infantry unit, and with its high unit strength can easily break opponents on the first round*

    19 grave gaurd 228
    full command
    Standard of strigos
    *Another brick of a unit, konrad will reside here. The plan is to use this unit to square off against the toughest the enemy has to offer.*

    10 power dice + 2 power stones + 2 bound spells
    6 dispel dice

    The first turn or 2 of magic will be spent raising a large unit of zombies, and reinforcing the dire wolves and skeletons. Remaining power dice will be spent on magic missiles to take care of enemy fliers and fast cavalry. Latter turns will see this army in close combat, with its characters dominating enemy heroes and units alike in close combat. My only weakness seems to be shooting heavy armies, which I will probably just have to try and use magic missiles to slow their damage out put. What do you guys think?

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    The list isn't very heavy magic, i have 14 PD and i don't rly class it as very heavy. The list is quite nice but could be improved in places. I like the conrad + bears anger combo. Drop manfred, you can make a lord easily as good if not alot better + they can actully get a decent ward and arm save. Someone will run into manfred and killing blow him or a high elf swordmaster champion will of killed him within 2 turns on combat. Its to risky taking him as a general imo. Drop the necro if you have the points and take another lvl 2 vampire. Apart from that all seems gd, maybe swap ur lord and konrads positions round as that skele unit won't be that tough but konrad will help in combat ress in number of wounds.

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