Vampire Lord:
Level 3
Biting Blade
Staff of Damnation
Crown of the Damned
Forbidden Lore (Vampire Magic)
Lord of the Dead
Master of the Black Arts

Vampire: (goes with ghouls)
Level 1
Book of Arkahn
Avatar of Death (shield)
Summon ghouls

Corpse Cart with Balefire
Scepre do Noirot
Gem of Blood
Raise Dead

Vampire: (floating for Helms Weaponskill)
Level 1
Helm of Commandment
Dread Knight

15x Skeletons w/spear and std
15x skeletons w/spear and std

14x ghouls with ghast (book vamp goes here)

Corpse Cart with Balefire

6x Black Knights. Full command with standard of Hellish Vigour.

5x Cairn wraiths

1999 points

The Vamp lord bolsters skeletons and uses Vanhels and Staff of Damnation to lend extra attacks to the skeletons. He is sturdy enough to run solo but can bunker down with a block of skeletons if need be.

Ghoul vamp with book runs the block of ghouls down a flank at full speed to hunt from the back side.

Helm vamp lends his WS as needed he also has the option of bunkering in the black knight unit.

Necro in cart and other cart hang with skeletons to provide ASF. Necro uses scepre to create zombie redirectors.

Wraiths cover a flank and kill things.

Any critisism would be appreciated.