All my lists are 4k so thats why its so large go big or go home.

Lord- Vampire Lord w/ Lv3 Wizard, Aura of Dark Majesty, Master of the Black Arts, Blood Drinker, Walachs bloody Hauberk, Enchanted Sheild, Zombie Dragon (pts735)

Heroes- Vampire w/ Sword of Battle, Flayed Hauberk, Walking Death (pts160)
Vampire w/ Biting Blade, The Cadaverous Cuirass, Talisman of Protection(pts145)

Core- Zombies 30 w/ Full Command (pts132)
Zombies 30 w/ Full Command (pts132)
Skeletons 24 w/ Full Command, Standard of Everlasting Death (pts227)
Skeletons 20 w/ Full Command, Spears (pts200)
Crypt Ghouls 10 w/ Ghast (pts8
Crypt Ghouls 10 w/ Ghast (pts8
Dire Wolves 10 w/ Doom Wolf (pts90)
Corpse Cart (pts 75)

Elite- Black Knights 15 w/ Full Command, Barding, Banner of the Barrows (pts505)
Grave Guard 19 w/ Full Command, Sheilds, Icon of Vengence (pts302)
Fell Bats 6 (pts 120)

Rare- Varghulf (pts175)
Cairn Wraiths 4 w/ Tomb Banshee (pts225)
Blood Knights 10 w/ Full Command, Flag of Blood Keep (pts675)

Ok so my main questions are should I take possibly more Vampires and switch out something(such as blood knights), and are Cairn Wraiths gonna be good for anything? And has anybody used Blood knights for anything real good before they get destroyed and ultimately just cost you a bunch of points?