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    3000 Point Tourney List - Magic Heavy - Needs Help

    The following is a list for a tournament I'm participating in at the end of the month.

    The Horde of Erengrad

    Albert von Hohenzollern: Vampire Lord (445 Pts)
    General; Level 3 Upgrade;
    Biting Blade; Walach's Bloody Hauberk; Black Periapt; Helm of Commandment
    Dark Acolyte; Lord of the Dead; Master of the Black Arts

    Frederick von Hohenzollern: Vampire (195 Pts)
    Staff of Sorcery; Talisman of Protection
    Dark Acolyte; Lord of the Dead

    Sigismund von Hohenzollern: Vampire (185 Pts)
    Sword of Striking; Dispel Scroll
    Dark Acolyte; Lord of the Dead

    William von Hohenzollern: Vampire (175 Pts)
    Sword of Might; The Cadaverous Cuirass
    Summon Ghouls; Dark Acolyte

    Wilhelm von Hohenzollern: Vampire (275 Pts)
    Battle Standard Bearer
    The Drakenhof Banner
    Dread Knight

    Walter von Cronberg: Wight King (125 Pts)
    Sword of Kings; The Flayed Hauberk

    15 Crypt Ghouls (120 pts)

    20 Skeleton Warriors (180 pts)
    Full Command Group

    10 Skeleton Warriors (110 Pts)
    Full Command Group

    10 Skeleton Warriors (100 Pts)
    Full Command Group

    5 Dire Wolves (40 Pts)

    6 Fell Bats (120 Pts)

    20 Grave Guard (315 Pts)
    Great Weapons
    Full Command Group
    Magic Banner: Standard of Hellish Vigour

    5 Blood Knights (415 Pts)
    Full Command Group
    Champion: Sword of Battle
    Magic Banner: The Flag of Blood Keep

    1 Black Coach (200 Pts)

    Total Roster Cost: 3000

    1) I can't go over 3000 points.

    1) Each unit, excepting my beasties, has a hero riding along. This army list, as you guys can see, is very magically biased. Since I don't know which armies I'm facing, other than I know there's going to be at least one Tomb Kings list, and because I'm still not too sure on VC tactics, I decided to go with what I felt best with: magic.

    2) My grave guard and blood knights are my big meaty hammers. The bats, fell hounds, and ghouls are my glue trap, getting ahead of the hammers to rush in and pin down the enemy, whatever it is, in order to kill it.

    1) Do I roll the spells, then assign the characters to units, or the other way around?

    2) When I roll my PD for the black coach, do I also roll for my opponent's?

    3) Any glaring issues, or things that might require too much finesse?

    A fancy diagram, because I never do anything original:

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