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    Fair List and a Cheesy List 1500

    In my time playing ive found that a great tactic to have is to have two lists for every point cost, one fair to use against fair lists, and one, for lack of a better phrase a factory for making cheese factory's list for use against cheese lists (to out cheese them). i have made what seems to be a rather fair list it is as follows 1500 points

    Vampire general
    -Sword of battle
    -Flayed Hauberk
    -Dark Acolyte
    -Lord of the dead
    Grave guard 16 (full command)
    -Banner of barrows
    -Dark acolyte
    -Lord of the dead
    Skellies 16 (full command Hw/S)
    -Banner of the dead legion
    -Dark Acolyte
    -Lord of the dead
    Skellies 16 (full command Hw/S)
    -War Banner
    Blood Knights 4 (SB/M)
    -Flag Of Blood Keep
    Fell Bats 4
    1493 of 1500 points

    Any Tips on how to improve that list welcome (i hate the zombie models and the ghouls just so you know) but now im curious what i could do to make a cheesy as all macaroni list to play against people who only use cheese lists, preferably without having to buy to many new models, a few new models wont hurt, i do need to buy zombies so i can raise behind enemy lines but i digress. any way to make a skellie based army (i like cairn wraiths and banshees) cheesy enough to face cheese armies? (quick edit i was thinking of changing the 4 blood knights to 10 black knights with full command no magic banner what do you think?)

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