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    2000pt, 3 Vamps and Wking list.

    Hi, have got a list that seems to work fairly well in games but have some points left over that i just cant decide on what to do with. Now i end up with 175 left over which seems to scream out "VARGHULF!" but im just wondering if anyone had any different suggestions. I had played the list with a unit of 6 black knights in but had to skimp on command for them, making them not much use other than a flanking force or somthing to take out war machines, somthing that a varghulf is well sorted to, especialy if he charges in with one of my over vamps.

    Anyway, heres the list.

    Vampire Lord: 430
    Lvl 3
    Red Fury
    Dark Acolyte
    Lord of Dead
    Flayed Hauberk
    Sword of Might
    Black Periapt
    Dispel Scroll

    Whiteking: 225
    Drakenhof Banner

    Vampire: 190
    Dark Aclolyte
    Avatar of Death
    Talisman of Lycni
    Wristbands of Black Gold

    Vampire: 175
    Dark Acolyte
    Lord of Dead
    Helm of Commandment

    15 Skeletons: 140
    Full Command

    10 Ghouls: ##

    10 Ghouls: ##

    5 Dire Wolves: ##

    5 Dire Wolves: ##

    Corpse Cart: 100
    Unholy Loadstone

    20 Grave Guard: 325
    Full Command
    Royal Banner of Strigos

    Total = 1825pts
    (175 pts left over)

    I have thought about adding another corpse cart and bulking out some units but that involves spreading my magic a bit thin if i take casualties on multiple units at any point. i have also been tampted by 2 units of 4 fell bats, and using the left over points to give my helm of com vamp the nightshroud, but in doing that i would be tempted to get rid of my dire wolves.
    Spears on my skeletons, and taking two units of them is not an impossibility as i can always just opt to use hand weapon and shield should i whish, but then again i think it is still just a waste of points.

    So, love to hear any sugestions you guys might have on both my list and on my points problem,


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    Personally I'd give the Wristbands of Black Gold to the lord not the hero, he's much more likely to be having cannon balls thrown at him and is also a lot more important to the army.
    In fact what's the plan for the vamp with Talisman of Lynci and Wristbands?

    As it stands with the spare points I'd bulk up the ghouls to 15 each and then .... not sure, maybe a second corpse cart with bale fire (would mean only bulking one ghoul unit to 14)
    2000AD's answer to all "How do VC deal with ..." questions: Forbidden Lore + 2 Power Stones.
    Further answers will require more vodka.

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