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    2250 list looking for any advice

    Vampire lord- 475 pts
    blood drinker
    walach's bloody hauberk
    black periapt
    master of the black arts
    forbidden lore
    summon creatures of the night

    Vampire 1- 180
    talisman of the lynci
    dispel scroll
    dark acolyte
    lord of the dead

    Vampire 2- 180
    book of arkhan
    dark acolyte
    summon ghouls

    Skeletons x21-184 pts
    champion, standard

    crypt ghouls x10- 80 pts

    crypt ghouls x10- 80 pts

    dire wolves x5- 40 pts

    dire wolves x5- 40 pts

    corpse cart- 100 pts
    unholy lodestone

    graveguard x12- 180 pts
    senshal, standard, great weapons

    black knights x5- 217 pts
    hell knight, standard (the banner of barrows)

    blood knights x5- 315
    kastellan (balefire spike), standard (royal standard of strigos), musician

    varghulf- dont know if i can list it >.>

    Total: 2246
    PD: 11 + black periapt
    DD: 6 + 1 dispel scroll + black periapt

    Basically my skellies and ghouls take the center of the field and i try to raise them both. my GG is a small unit but they kinda sit on the flank (looking to up the size of them possibly) corpse cart obviosly follows my skellies and vamps around. the flanks are where all the hard hitters go usually blood knights get there own side and black knights and varghulf take the other ( vargulf also goes character/ warmachine hunting) i have my lord follow my blood knights around at first with the two units of dire wolves screening ( which is why he has raise creatures) and he joins bloodknights before they charge ( whish is to some degree predictable) anyways big things im looking at is are my flanks too strong while the center weak? should i take out black knights for more GG. the idea around this list was to have it some what magic strong while still combat potent.

    thanks in advance,


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    Hmmm, its a pretty good list but I would suggest a couple of little points from my own experience.
    1. the Grave guard unit looks a litttle small to me. either dropping the wolves/corpse cart for more of them or drop them to save the points for more starting ghouls.
    2. The black knights are in my opinion better with the double unit strength banner and in a unit of 6 plus a wight king, than with 6 attacks with the banner of the barrows.
    3. The blood knight unit. I don't know about a champion in there, the normal knights can take challenges to protect your vampire, and I don't know if you need the extra attack or not? In addition they look a bit vulnerable to missile fire to me. perhaps a vampire bsb with flag of blood keep could join this unit?
    Looks pretty good overall though, your tactics should be fine,
    Good luck
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