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    2k Army (Crypt Ghouls)

    My most common enemies are Lizardmen, Wood Elves, the Dark Elves, and High Elves.

    Vampire Lord
    Lvl 3 Wizard.
    Vampiric powers: Master of the Black Arts, Ghoulkin, Summon Ghouls.
    Magic Items: Blood Drinker, Walach’s Bloody Hauberk, Black Periapt.

    Lvl 2 Wizard.
    - Tomb Blade, The Flayed Hauberk.
    - Dark Acolyte, Summon Ghouls.

    Wight King (Battle Standard Bearer)
    - Battle Standard Bearer: The Drakenhof Banner
    - Undead, Wight Blade
    - Hand Weapon
    - Heavy Armour
    - Shield.

    18 x Crypt Ghouls (Vamp lord, Wight King)
    - Crypt Ghast

    19 x Crypt Ghouls (Vampire)
    - Crypt Ghast

    21 x Crypt Ghouls
    - Crypt Ghast

    3x Spirit Hosts

    3 x Bat Swarms

    Varghulf: 175pts

    Varghulf: 175pts

    Total: 2003pts

    Power dice: 9
    Dispel dice: 5

    Open to suggestions and comments, thanks guys!!


    "Surrender and serve me in life, or die and slave for me in death." - Count Vlad Von Carstein

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    If I'm understanding this correctly, the idea is to get 3 groups of ghouls with accompanying heroes into combat asap. Then keep raising ghouls till the cows come home. First things I noticed:
    Tomb blade does nothing for gouls, skells only.
    Why a wight king when you need the power die, and why on earth Drakenhof?
    Spirit hosts?
    Otherwise seems fine.
    You could cut the Wight king and magical banner for a tooled up vamp BSB using magic items, for the same price. Both cost 225pts.

    For example:
    Vamp BSB, avatar of death, ghoulkin. Black Periapt, Book of Arkhan.
    He's taken ghoulkin off of your lord, who's now free to take other stuff like avatar of death for his saves. Also, the periapt takes his uselss one power die and feeds it to the others who have Summon ghouls. The Book is a decent standalone, but really a placeholder for any other cheap stuff he could use. BSB is good on principle, magic banners will not do much for gouls, really.
    Vamp lord is now free to take a lot more different stuff. He used to have a 5+ ward AND regen, which is gross overkill considering he's not really vunerable standing where he is. Dread Knight gives him a 2+ save for free, and let's you cut the hauberk. Those 60 pts can go anywhere, but Bound spells are good for this list idea.
    The guy who used to have tomb blade now has 25 pts to burn. Nothing wrong with the common magic items here. S6 hits, or 4 attacks? Or maybe just biting blade and a power stone?

    Rest of army:
    So, you have 3 very tanky blocks, a few of which can kill back, but good! Now all you need is speed and addional killy. Vargulfs are great! Spirit hosts are not They'll have to sprint to keep up with the pre-marched ghouls, and they don't hit hard enough to make a good flanker unit. Unless you're playing against a friend and know you need that ethereal for something specificl, those 195 (!!) points can go into, say... black knights! That's 6 barded knights with a banner right there. Oooh. And he keeps his ethereal movment too. Mmmm. Bat swarms v Fell bats is up to you. I just prefer the special choice, their full 20 inch fly usually pays off in spades. Your call.

    Wow that was too much text =/

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