Hey guys! Been around for a while but haven't posted much :-P Comming back with vamps again. Been playing High Elves and Ogres aswell, but i'm going to play VC more and i want to paint some more
This list is kinda obvious, but i think it should work pretty good. Don't have all the zombies yet...so that will be hard to paint -_- Never used much zombies..so i'm not looking forward to paint them if i use this list
I could use some help if you guys have any.
The tactic is just to block enemy troops with the useless zombies and keeeeep raising them so i can use the harder units to flank and whipe out the enemy troops. The flyers could be used for war machines as well ofcourse. Let me know if you got tips!

Vampire Lord lvl 3 (400 pts)
Master of Black Arts
Skull Staff
Helm of Commandment

Vampire (175 pts)

Master of Black Arts
Sceptre de Noirot

Vampire (200 pts)

Master of Black Arts
Flayed Hauberk
Black Periapt
Talisman of Lycni

Necromancer (On corpse cart) (105 pts)
Book of Arkhan

Zombies x 20 (88 pts)

Zombies x 20 (88 pts)


Zombies x 20 (88 pts)


Skeleton Warriors (152 pts)


Corpse Cart (100 pts)

Varghulf (175 pts)

Fell Bats x 4 (80 pts)

Blood Knights x5 (330 pts)
Royal Standard of Strigos

Total 1981 pts