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    1000 and 250 pt lists

    Heya iv got two lists here which im gonna be using against a friend an people in my local shop we are basically starting at 250points and working up to 1000 as we play games so here are both my lists any advice very welcome.

    1000pt list:

    20 Skeletons - Banner, Musician, Champion - 180pts
    20 Skeletons - Banner, Musician, Champion - 180pts
    5 Black knights - Banner, Musician, Champion - 160 pts
    10 Dire Wolves - Doom wolf - 90pts
    Vampire - Dark Acolyte, Lord of the dead, Black periapt, Sword of Battle, Enchanted Sheild - 175 pts
    Vampire - Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death, Nightmare, Sword of Battle, Sceptre de Noirot - 198 pts

    998 pts

    Basically i want to have the black knights with the mounted vamp on one flank and the dire wolves on the other, the dire woves are there to jsut basically slow anything down, and if im lucky get a flank charge or two off. If they get into serious trouble they hopefully can be replenished by the vamp in the centre.
    My plan with the black knights is to use the sceptre de noir to raise a unit of zombies up there with them to charge the target unit and then use some nifty danse macbreing to get a flank charge in. In the centre the vamp is jsut going to pump the skelly units up till they get into combat and hold stuff up in the centre till the black knights or dire wolves come to the rescue.

    250pt list:

    Vampire - Avatar of death, Lord of the dead, Enchanted sheild - 150pts
    10 Skeletons - Banner, Musician, Champion - 100pts

    Simple plan really, stick the vamp in with the skellys, beef them up till combat hits and then hopefully use his killing power to turn the tide.



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    I like the 1000 Point list, but I don't think it has enough killing power. Instead of taking avatar of death and a nightmare for one of your vampires, just give him the dread knight power, as its only five points more and he gets a lance and barded nightmare. You can't give him the dark acolyte power with the dread knight one because they exceed his point limit, but give him infinite hatred instead to make him even more of a combat monster. Sceptre de Noirot won't be as usefull on a level one wizard, so use those points to give him some good magic armour.

    Other than that one vampire, I like it. The Black Knights can cause a world of hurt if they reach their target intact. Send the dire wolves in front of them to absorb some enemy fire.

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