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    VC 1000 pts list, with tactic/play question

    first of all, thnx for reading my post!

    After some WH40K, i decided to play warhammer fantasy.. and vampires really look awesome, so hence i play VC.

    ok, first the list, then my questions and how i think my tactic should go (and if it is viable).

    1000k list: 5 power dice, 5 dispel dice

    Heroes: 360 pts total, 3 models.
    Vampire 1: 165 pts
    - Lord of the dead, - tomb blade, - The flayed Hauberk

    Vampire 2: 135 pts
    - Lord of the dead, - avatar of death (shield)

    Necromancer: 55 pts

    (question about removing the necro, and adding 2x accolyte of death is after the list)

    Core: 328 pts total, 37 models.
    16 x skeleton Warriors: 144 pts
    - champion, standard bearer (do i need musician?)
    - vampire1 goes into here

    16 x skeleton Warriors: 144 pts
    - champion, standard bearer (again...musician?)
    - vampire2 goes into here

    5x Dire Wolfs: 40 pts
    (5 enough or do i need 6?)

    Special: 132 pts, 10 models total
    10x Graveguard
    - standard, but no champion, because i wont put a vampire in this unit, is that smart?)

    Rare: xxx pts, 1 model total

    total points: 990 pts, 53 models

    I will try to field the army like this

    [Direwolf/varghulf] [Skel 1] [GG] [Skel 2] [zombies to be summoned]

    the idea is
    - vampire 1 goes in Skelleton 1, and vampire 2 goes in Skelleton 2
    - the direwolfs screen the varghulf and move up the flank
    - the skel1, GG, skel2 units walk in 1 line up,
    - summon 1 zombie unit at the flank of skel 2, to protect the flank of the whole line.

    the idea is to sweet the map from left to right (or opposite, depending on how the enemy places its army of course). i try to charge with direwolfs and the varghulf , before the skeletons come (they will probably arrive 1 turn later, since they can march with vampire unit and van hels macabre). then win the fight in the left, and start sweeping to the right.. where hopefully my skel2 unit and those zombies will keep the enemy busy.

    Now, i got some questions, since im very new to this:

    - is it smart to put my vampires in the skeleton units (so they can summon lots of em), or better have 1 vamp in the GG unit?

    - where would i place the necromancer? together in a unit skeletons with a vampire (for extra van hels macabre)? or put him in the graveguard unit? or should i put him behind te zombies so he can do... ehhh... something?

    - with 16 skels in each unit.. will it be big enough to hold places and get summoned to a 23+ size?

    - do i have enough power dice (5)? i could delete the necromancer, and replace him for 2x acolyte of the death, to gain 1 more power dice.. but i would lose some spells/abilities like van hels macabre...

    one final question:
    should i perhaps summon zombies in front of my skel2/graveguard unit as missle screen, instead of summoning it at the right side to protect flanks?

    sorry for all the questions... maybe i need to play some games to find out myself.. but the more i can learn and tweak before i play, the faster i can learn and adept


    Last edited by kirakun; September 2nd, 2008 at 17:55. Reason: fixed 2x haubark item problem

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    Well it looks like you have everything planned out already, but just a reminder: You can't have two vampires with the flayed hauberk as it is a unique magic item.

    One vampire and the necromancer should be sufficient to keep your skeletons going. I would equip one of your vampires with the avatar of death power instead of the flayed hauberk, so he will still be well armored.

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    10 graveguard isnt going to cut it. With graveguard its 20 or none. They will get wiped out way to fast as 10, and you can't increase graveguard starting size. So bring them to 20 or drop them. Expessially when you have a S. Bearer in the unit of 10, thats just free victory points for your oppenent. In a thousand point game you are going to want to bring those vampires to level 2 as well, expessially if you want to be bringing those units of skeleton warriors beyond there starting size. Your question about the necromancer, I would drop him to get the points for the level 2 vampires. Like Vallessian also pointed out you are using 2 magic items of the same. That would make the list illegal, so you are going to have to alter that as well.

    Last edited by VampireCountsFTW; September 2nd, 2008 at 17:49.
    Vampire Counts-4000 Points
    Empire-2250 Points
    Black Templars-2000 Points

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