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    First 1000pts Vampire counts list

    Vampire counts ~~~~~~~~~~~ 998pts

    Lords & Heroes -
    Vampire w/ Supernatural horror + Summon creatures of the night
    w/ The Book of Arkhan + The Balefire spike + Nightmare + General

    Vampire w/ Dark Acolyte + Lord of the dead
    w/ The Flayed Hauberk

    Wight king w/ Rod of flaming death

    Core -
    10x skeleton warriors w/ champion + musician + standard bearer

    10x skeleton warriors w/ champion + musician + standard bearer + Banner of the dead legion

    5x dire wolves

    Special -
    5x black knights w/ hell knight + musician + standard bearer + royal standard of strigos

    3x fell bats


    This is my first vampire counts army at 1000pts. The idea behind it was to take enough magic to be effective while still including some nasty surprises and at least some variety in the army. The general runs with the black knights on one flank accompanied by the dire wolves and fell bats. Healing wounds taken. increasing the base size of the two units and providing march moves. This combined with the banner providing re-rolls on hits with lances, getting terror in the army somewhere and a bound magic move makes this into one dangerous combo of units IMO.

    The vampire with dark acolyte accompanies the skeletons with the dead legion banner, while the wight king accompanies the other skeleton unit. With this army I wanted a strong magic phase without having to take 3 vampires in the list. I think the inclusion of the two bound magic items and 5 power dice should work well enough to put up a fight at this small points bracket where I'm told running an effective list is difficult.

    Let me know what you guys think about this list.

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    Just a few points that spring to mind:

    The general has no ward save which scares me a little bit.

    Not sure if the wight king can have the rod of flaming death - isn't it an arcane item?

    Need more skeletons, drop the wolves for more skeletons to start with, because one good shooting phase will kill 10 skeletons.

    Drop the musicians in the army, they are usually not required, use the points for a war banner on the other unit of skeletons.

    Otherwise it looks pretty good, good luck with this one!
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