Ok here is my 1250pts (1255pts) list, the idea is that it focuses more on combat than magig, and having a good core of foot soldiers supported on the flanks by fast and deadly units.

Vampire-190pts (General)
hand weapon, blood drinker, dread knight, infinate hatred.

hand weapon, invocation of nehek

Core Units
20, ghast

20, Musician, Standard

Dire Wolves- 90pts
10, Doom Wolf

Special Units
Grave gaurd- 315pts
20, full command, banner of the barrows

Black Knights-180pts
5, barding, full command

Rare Units

general battle plan- The army roughly deplaoys, left to right, black knights (with general), Ghouls, Zombies, Grave Guard, Varghulf, Dire wolves.
The units in the centre move up slowly, locking the enemy in close combat, whilr the units on either side go for theri flanks, while the general and the Necromancer (who hides behind the GG) heals the army, the Varghulf and the Knights then swing round and hit the units locked in close combat with the infrantry in the rear.

So what do you think?