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    1500pts - Cavalry heavy list

    Having relied on blocks of unbreakable infantry to win me battles for so long I decided it was time to try something a bit different. The blood knights take up a large portion of points (and may reduce the overall competitiveness) but I am keen to keep them in there, they are pretty much what the list is based around after all. Anyway here it is:


    Vampire: (150pts) - General
    Dread Knight

    Vampire: (160pts)
    Summon ghouls
    Flayed Hauberk
    Black periapt
    Biting Blade

    Necromancer: (80pts)
    *Choose Van Hel's for spell?
    Dispel Scroll


    10 Ghouls

    10 Ghouls

    5 Dire wolves

    5 Dire wolves

    5 Dire wolves


    5 Black Knights - Barding, Full command (180pts)

    5 Black Knights - Barding, Full command (180pts)

    3 Fell Bats


    5 Blood knights - Full command, Flag of the Blood Keep, Kastellan with the Balefire Spike (410pts)

    Total - 1500pts

    I've never tried a full cavalry list before, and it is surprising to see how fast the points go. Just as a quick note I play against a mix of armies (Dark elves, Daemons, Skaven, Lizardmen, VC, Brets) so it will be interesting to see how this list goes. Any comments are more than welcome!

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