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Thread: 2k kbk

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    2k kbk

    I tried a couple of lists before with blood knights and this seemed the better one.
    Vampire lord (gen)
    blood drinker
    flayed hauberk
    crown of the damned

    master of the black arts
    forbidden lore
    summon creatures of the night

    helm of commandement
    black periapt

    dark acolyte
    avatar of death

    book of arkhan
    cadaverous cuirass

    dark acolyte
    summon ghouls

    wristbands of black gold
    talisman of lycni

    infinite hatred
    avatar of death

    9 ghouls
    19 skeleton warriors
    std mus
    banner of the dead legion

    20 zombies

    corpse cart
    unholy loadstone

    5dire wolves

    3 fell bats

    5 knights of the blood keep
    std mus
    flag or the blood keep

    Any comments on this list are welcome.

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    This is fairly close to the list that I use nearly every week.
    I would change the vampire lords load out to walachs bloody hauberk in place of the flayed hauberk and crown though. If he fails the stupidity check you are knackered. Also give him the red fury power, and dread knight. The key to making it work is that he leads the blood knights on to total victory.
    I don't really see what the cart gives you either, not too sure about that one, you could almost get 5 black knights instead, to support the blood knights and flank units with mover through terrain!
    Just my thoughts.
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    Take either Ghouls, or Skeletons, but not both. That way you only have to take a single kind of summoning power.

    I wouldn't put the Helm of Commandment on the BSB. The BSB is meant to be in the fight and provide bonuses in combat; whoever carries the Helm should be staying out of the fight. That's why I can never make myself use the Helm... I like my Vamps to fight.

    Give the BloodDrinker to one of your Vamps and send him with your Knights. If you take casualties, everytime that Vamp kills someone, you'll get a 50pt model back. It beats the hell out of using IoN. I prefer to keep my Lord in a block of troops; your choice, though.
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