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    Manfred the Acolyte

    Hey all. I'm one of those play everything type people, and I think VC's might be next. I'm thinking of a Lahmian theme, focussing on big, dead (but pretty) monsters. To accomplish this I would be using a "counts as" Manfred the Acolyte to get a second big flying monster.

    So, what do people think of "the Acolyte"? He's quite pricey for a hero level vamp and not too resistant to damage. On the other hand he is a lv2 wizard, has the Sword of Unholy Power and can ride an Abyssal Terror.


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    Personally I wouldn't take him for the lack of resistance, but for what you get, it is very good. Level two, knows all the spells from lore of the vampires, and gain extra powedice, I think he has a vampiric power that always adds 1 to combat res but I'm not sure. Instead of Manfred I usually take this...

    Dark Acolyte
    Lord of the dead
    Flayed Hauberk
    Either Black Periapt and Talisman of the Lycini
    Or Sword of Kings

    For 195 points you can get a Level two vampire who can bring units of skeletons above starting size. He can have the ability to have a 9 inch movement and carry over power dice or killing blow, and finally, just to keep him alive, a 2+ armour save.

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