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    500 Point (Beginner)

    Hey, I've been interested in starting VC for a while now and finally decided to go for it. But the thing is I'll be starting off small and building up as time goes on. So, I've been trying to come up with a decent 500 point but there aren't really that many examples around so I'm looking for some pointers

    1000 Points+ I'll be playing magic heavy and sticking to skeletons with hw/sh as my main core choices. But for my 500 Points I was thinking of running this:

    Vampire - [165]

    -Dread Knight
    -Black Periapt

    Designed to be quick, tough and great for small/skirmishing units. Adding the ghoulkin for the great pre-match march and so they won't be too far (if at all) behind the army.

    20x Ghouls - [160]

    The extra attacks and poison look to be promising at such small games.

    Varghulf - [175]

    Expensive, yes. But for a 4 wound, regenerating, terror-causing combat monster I'm keen to try it. It's likely to draw it's fair share of firepower but it should be able to handle it.

    The army's that I'll be playing most frequently are Wood Elves - he has a setup of a noble with the dreaded Hail of Doom Arrow, 2 fairly small units of dryads and a 10 man unit of glade guard. And Dark Elves - recently changed from TK so unknown what he'll play yet.

    But, I'll be having the odd game against the new Warriors of Chaos - 2 12 man warriors squads with a mounted character.

    Advice please?...

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    Hmm. First off, this should probably be in the army list sub-forum.

    That aside, on to the list.
    Running a vamp outside units by himself can be extremely risky - if he goes down your army will probably crumble.
    Also, I think that against the armies you mentioned this list will most likely get shot up pretty badly before they get close. Both those oppoents are damned shooty. WE's combine fast movement and accurate shooting and Dark Elves pump out a large volume of shots within 24". Against unarmoured ghouls this means that casualties will start stacking up damned quickly - especially considering that magic won't be all that effective at this level unless you overload it.
    The armour save of skeletons can really come in to their own here, but that comes down to a matter of preferrence I guess.
    As tough as the Varghulf is I would be tempted to say drop him for some fell bats. At this points limit you need something that can move fast to tie up his units. 20" fly move can do this pretty well.
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    Danse Macabred to the Army List subforum. Woosh.....
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