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    Cavalry / turn 2 impact - 2k

    Hey all , little cc on this fun list please , its just a (2k) cavalry force with infantry using ghoulkin for a mass charge around turn 2 its just abit of fun so please dont be too harsh as its also my first list - id like to keep the majority of it , but id appreciate any small tweaks i could make! p.s i really dislike alot of magic so want to shut down that faze as much as i can!

    Vampire Lord (1)
    Sword of Might
    Cadaverous Curiass
    2x Dispel Scrolls
    Dread Knight

    Vampire (2)
    Infinite Hatred
    Dread Knight
    Enchanted Shield
    Dispel Scroll

    Vampire (3)
    Infinite Hatred
    Dread Knight
    Blood Drinker

    Vampire (4)
    Flying Horror
    Avatar of Death (Great Weapon)
    The Flayed Hauberk

    10x Ghouls (4)
    10x Ghouls
    10x Ghouls
    5x Dire Wolves
    5x Dire Wolves
    5x Dire Wolves

    5x Black Knights (1)
    fc,barding,Royal std of Strigos

    4x Blood Knights (2)

    4x Blood Knights (3)

    10 pts spare i think my first game is against nurgle demons i THINK , not entriely sure , so i was gonna take the std that makes attacks flaming and maybe switch in balefire spike for somthing , but thats just IF its definetly the nurgle player.

    Thanks for any input!!


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    Your vamps look pretty good and there are some nice, hitty units in there, but I'd be concerned about any fight that lasted past a single turn, because your Knight units are one bad turn of combat from crumbling to nothing and you have no way of raising your core units above 10 models a piece.

    I'd suggest a couple of things:

    1) I know you don't like magic, but get that vamp lord a 3rd level.. it'll give you an extra dispel die.

    2) Consider dropping one of the units of Blood Knights and replacing them with Black Knights with no Vampire in the unit. This means they'll be able to charge through terrain, which is very nice when you're going for a surprise flank charge. I usually even run mine w/o barding.

    3) Use the points you save from the exchange of the KotBK for BKs to plus up your Ghoul units a bit and see if you can't give at least one of your Vamps (best choice is the Lord, he has the most dice) Summon Ghouls. This will allow you to support the Ghouls a little better and can seriously be taken advantage of against opponents who don't have a lot of anti-magic.
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