The game is 2 VS 2 at 2000 for each person. Im not sure what my budy is bringing or what the Dwarf and HE are going to bring but I have a prety good idea.

Vamp Lord /Sword of might, Flayed haulbruk, Crown of Damnation, Red Fury, Lord of the Dead, Infinate Hatred.

Vampire / Master of Dark Arts, Helm of commandment

Necro / Dispell Scroll, Corpse Cart with Balefire

Skele 20 / Stand and muso

Ghoul 20 / Champ

Zombie 25 / Stand and Muso

Wolves 6

Wolves 6

Grave Guard 19 / Stand Champ and Muso, Banner of the Borrows

Fell Bats 4

Carrin Wraths 4 / Banshee

Im at work and my spelling stinks so sorry ahead of time. Ill probably set up the ghouls, vampire, wolves, and Wraths on the flank and have the rest of my army in the middle of my deployment. Thing is right now i have a little over 60 points to go around. So im thinking a couple things. 1. turn my Grave Guard into 10 Black knights with the banner and give my Skele a champ to help protect my Lord or 2. Use the left over points to throw around a magic banner for the skele( probably the double unit STR banner) and put in another unit of wolves.