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Thread: Final decisions

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    Final decisions

    Alright, through feedback and literal hours of sitting and toying with army-builder and checking prices I've come up with a list I'm happy with.

    The host of Tower Midniht (Necrarchs w/ wolf theme)

    Hero: Vampire (Dark Acolyte) w/ balefire spike, Night Shroud, On Nightmare. BSB - 193

    Hero: Vampire (Dark Acolyte) w/ Helm of commandment. General - 160

    Hero: Necromancer mounted on corpse cart - 130

    Core: Skeletons x14 w/ champ and banner (general) - 128

    Core: Skeletons x14 w/ champ, banner of hellfire (necromancer) - 138

    Core: Dire wolves x9 w/ doom wolf (BSB ) - 82

    Rare: Varghulf - xxx

    Total: 1006

    Plan is to have the necromancer and General summon a wall of zombies on the flanks necromancer's squad in front to get ASF - WS6 flaming attacks on the opponent. Battle-standard bearer will ride with the dire wolves as a light-cavalry strike-force and character/warmachine hunter, backed up by the Varghulf. And also summons zombies to throw behind enemy squads.
    I didn't take lord of death because I won't have any extra skeletons to summon anyhow.

    Comments and critique are still welcome, I won't be able to buy anything for a couple months anyhow and I'm sure I'll change my mind a few more times.
    Also, replacing the nightmare model with a dire wolf for the mounted vampire and planning to get "The Thing in the Woods" from mordheim for my Vargulf to follow the wolf theme further.

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