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    2000pt Rounded VC List

    For fluff's sake, Blood Dragons have an affinity for wraiths. Hence, you'll see the Lord is a blood-dragon style dread-knight that rides with Black knights. There is a strong (wight led) GG unit, with a wraith-ridden coach and a unit of flanking cairn wraiths.

    This is a first draft so be brutal with the C&C if you like.


    Vampire Lord. 275 pts -> into Black Knight unit
    -Bloody Hauberk
    -Dread Knight


    Vampire. 145 pts -> into Skeleton Unit
    -Dark Acolyte
    -Lord of the dead

    Wight King. 150 pts
    -Battle Standard Bearer (Drakenhoff) ->into Grave Guard


    20 Skeleton Warriors. 205 pts.
    -full command, banner

    Corpse Cart. 100 pts.
    -Unholy Lodestone

    2 x 5 Dire Wolves. 80 pts


    20 Grave Guard. 315 pts
    -full command
    -banner of the barrows

    2x5 Black Knights 272 pts
    -Hell Knights


    Black Coach 200 pts

    3x Cairn Wraiths 150 pts

    TOTAL: 1892 pts


    -I aim to use the grave guard and skeletons , supported by the corpse cart as an anvil. The knights, supported by the wights and black coach will flank, screened by the dire wolves.


    -What am I to spend the remaining 100pts on?

    -If the BSB goes into my Grave Guard unit, do the warbanner and BSB effects stack, or do I have to choose either one or the other?

    -I would very much appreciate suggestions as to improving the combat capabilities of my vampire lord who will ride with the black knights.

    -To save cash, I'm using tomb kings horsemen converted with grave guard. Is this tournament legal? I am also using chaos hounds because I think the dire wolves look crap. Same concerns as with the knights.

    Thanks for taking the time to read. Cheers guys!

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    Nice list, strong heroes and units. The possebility to be outnumbered is quite high though, I could make a dwarflist with some warmachines, 3 or 4 heroes and the same ammount or more units ( 20 strong ) . Luckily you make up for it with great magic and very strong units.

    The last 100 pts I'd either spend on another vampire, with nothing on him, or give powers to your heroes.

    Lord. 275 pts -> into Black Knight unit
    -Bloody Hauberk
    -Dread Knight

    You want him more combatcapable?
    100 pts left to make him more combatcapable?

    - Infinite hatred ( I've seen dozens of big bosses, thanes and vampires splattered because they attacked and only hit 1)
    - sword of might ( +1 str, a str 6 vampire, you can even wound monsters easily with that! )
    - Walking death ( +1 combat res, always handy )

    [65 pts]

    Can the talisman of protection ( 6+ wardsave ) be combined with the 5+ wardsave of Walachs Bloody Hauberk? If you can, your general has a -1 + armoursave ( lol.. xD 4+ of hauberk, barded nightmare, shield, heavy armour ) and 4+ wardsave.

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    A major snag with this list is that you don't have enought core choices, the dire wolves and corpse carts don't take up choices so you need two more block units. Sorry but i think a big re-write is in order. However:
    There are two options open to you with your lord in terms of magical weaponary, either the blood drinker (very useful if you want to use the black knights as bait, as you can lose 4 to charging units and raise them back.) The balefire spike is the other option, which is a cheap way of stopping regenerating creatures really. I would combine either with both infinite hatred and red fury for massive killing potential - my lord with this load out killed eight black orks on the charge last week!
    Equip your lords unit with the double unit strength banner too - that way you should outnumber the enemy meaning they are double one for their break test!
    The ward saves cannot be stacked Bearded one. So a 5+ ward is the best you can get.
    The war banner and bsb all stack so a good amount of combat res is yours there. I would advise getting the helm of commandment onto the skeleton raising vampire, then your wights hit most people on 2's.
    I used converted empire knights with grave guard bits at the GT this year and there were no problems, just explain what they are at the start of the game and it should be fine.
    Arms are an instrument of evil, No measure for thoughtful men until there fail all other choice but sad acceptance of it.
    Sun-Tse : The art of war

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