I'm getting back into fantasy and have played some games, but am still getting used to the new books and the rules. I played my friend's counts last night a couple times and scored a couple massacres so I wanted to try and get a good list going for him. Here's what I came up with:

Vampire - 390
Lvl 3
Blood Drinker
Walach's Bloody Hauberk
Master of the Black Arts

Vampire - 195
Tomb Blade
Flayed Hauberk
Dark Acolyte
Lord of the Dead

Necro - 80
Dispel Scroll

Wight King - 225
Drakenhof Banner

15x Ghouls - 120

20x Skeletons - 172
Mus, Std

20x Zombie


20x Grave Guard - 283
Mus Std
Icon of Vengeance

3x Spirit Host - 195


5x Blood Knights - 330
Mus Std
Banner of the Dead Legion

3 Wraiths - 175
1 is a Banshee

2245 points
Power Dice 10
Dispel Dice 6
Models 90
Generals LD 10

With this list he would have the Lord and BSB in the Wraith unit. The blood drinker mixed with the no crumbling would pretty much ensure them staying at 20 strong. Not to mention the 4+ ward save for the whole unit.

The Vampire Hero would go with the skeletons and help get their numbers up. Necro is support. The wraiths and spirit hosts gives him two etherial magic only units. The blood knights with their banner have a starting US of 20.

I think overall it can be a pretty nasty list. Would appreciate any input. Thanks.