my FIRST TOURNAMENT! 1850pts - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    my FIRST TOURNAMENT! 1850pts

    I'm taking my newest army, the VC, to my first ever tournament! I've written plenty of other people "tournament" lists as an Armybuilder, and I've commented on bunches of tournament lists, but I want to know what you guys think of mine. I really want to do well in this tournament, so I REALLY need constructive criticism.
    Oh and yeah- the points limit for the tournament is actually 1,999pts.

    Vampire w/ Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death, Helm of Commandment, Black Periapt
    @ 195/General

    Vampire BSB w/ Avatar of Death, Supernatural Horror, Drakenhof Banner
    @ 270

    Vampire w/ Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death, Sword of Battle, Staff of Sorcery
    @ 200

    10 Skeleton Warriors w/ spears (Helm vampire goes here)
    @ 90

    24 Skeleton Warriors w/ Standard Bearer (staff vampire goes here)
    @ 200

    20 Skeleton Warriors w/ Standard Bearer
    @ 168

    Corpse Cart
    @ xx

    14 Grave Guard w/ great weapons, full command, banner of the barrows (BSB goes here)
    @ 249

    6 Black Knights w/ barding, standard bearer, banner of hellish vigour
    @ 209

    3 Fell Bats
    @ xx

    5 Cairn Wraiths w/ Tomb Banshee
    @ 275

    5DD and +1 to dispell attempts

    Along with commenting on units, here's my plan: Terror-Causing, Regenerating GG unit holds the center, with the Corpse Cart following behind them. Behind that is the Helm Vampire, projecting her WS to the GG unit. The Fell Bats move to tie up enemy shooting, and the Cairn Wraiths attack non-magic units to bog them down. The Knights work the flank, helping break combats involving the Wraiths, or flanking other enemy units.

    So- good? bad? am i gonna lose?!

    Pts Values for AoS here!

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    Looks like a very solid army. I assume as it is 1999pts, that no Lords are allowed, meaning you have the maximum characters.

    Love the idea of a asf str 6 grave guard that always hits on 2+, although I am not crazy about having my general in a unit that is that small, especially as you have no way to increase it's number past it's original size.

    I would change to have the Vampire in the larger skellie unit as your general. I quite like having them in larger units, although I can see the benefit of shielding this potentially vulnerable character, I can see problems, especially if the enemy manages to get behind you. By sacrificing the spears on the small unit, you could put a champion in the largest skellie unit, and have your general there. The ability to challange potential enemy character killers could save your bacon (thinking of assasins)

    The only other thing I might suggest is dropping one of the wraiths for 6 Dire Wolves. They would add a nice fast attack element to ballance with the Knights and the Fell Bats, as well as giving your enemy something to think about.

    Apart from that, it looks great.

    ninja out
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    Few Small Things I'd change in my opinion though:

    "Vampire w/ Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death, Sword of Battle, Staff of Sorcery
    @ 200"

    Take Master of the Black Arts(Invo Spammin) , 2Scroll (to stop Pesky spells; Drain Magic etc) - your trying to make him a jack of all trades - Vampires aren't there good but go for Stabbyness or Magic.

    "14 Grave Guard w/ great weapons, full command, banner of the barrows (BSB goes here)
    @ 249"

    Drop the fell bats and get some MORE GG as 15 is FAR FAR tooo easy to kill a solid block of 20 with 3 ranks,banner,outno and BSB is a lot lot scarier lol

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