I have a weekly game against some friends, one of them lise to win, he plays Dark Elves and Daemons, and is starting WE (only if he likes them after trying them he says, i.e. if he wins hands down)

Having never played warhammer FB before he is now 6-0 against us (he has beaten my friends Dwarf gunline, orcs and goblins (twice), bretonnians my other friends Empire army, and my mighty Ogres (haha))

I thought it was finally time that I played him with an army that was on par with his books.

Not being sure what he is playing, he will either go Daemons or DE.. Every DE I have seen has had a Hydra and an assassin with a large unit of Black Guard and the annoying scouts.. (this is at 1k!!)

The only time he has played Daemons (also 1k) he has taken a herald of khorne on a juggernaut and a herald of slaanesh..

so you can see he really likes to win...

I am hoping to finally beat him, and have been holding off on the VC until this week... we will be playing 1.5k, so I don't get a lord..

I can take a unit of 20 Graveguard (almost sure I will) with great weapons and banner of something, they should be able to handle the khorne herald, but beyond that I am not sure what to take against his hydra should he play DE. Ghouls with their poison attacks seems likely, but at str 3, I will be hard pressed to wound his uber hydra with anything but poison.

Cadaverous Cuirass seems almost a must for my general, with so much killing blow and the potential for poison out there..

Any recomendations from someone who has tackled Daemons or DE before?