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    1000 points. Defensive, friendly games.

    Vampire (In a unit of Skeletons)
    - Dark Acolyte
    - Lord of the Dead
    - Tomb blade
    - The Flayed Hauberk

    = 195

    - Biting Blade
    - Sceptre de Noirot
    - Black Periapt
    - Extra Spell
    Spells: Invocation of Nehek, Raise Dead

    = 115

    Skeletons x 15
    -Full command

    = 140

    Skeletons x 15
    -Full command

    = 140

    Corpse Cart
    - Balefire

    = 100

    Corpse Cart
    - Unholy Lodestone

    = 100

    Grave Guard x 15
    -Full command

    = 210

    Total= 1000
    Units= 49
    Power Dice/Dispel Dice= 5/4

    This list is a kind of a evolution of my current Warband list which has heavy magic and loads of troops. The idea is to let the enemy come to me and while he's advancing (or while I slog it up to him if he's gunlining it) I'll raise more skeletons, zombies and such.
    I kitted out my vampire to be a competent caster and to lend his killeyness to a unit of skeletons. Hopefully the Tomb Blade will help mitigate any damage it'll receive and he's, I hope, well protected bunkered in a unit of skellies, snug in a Flayed Hauberk.
    I brought along a necromancer to add more spellpower, as well as some utility with a Sceptre de Noirot and a Black Periapt so I can beef up my casts or dispels depending on the opponent.
    I trudging along with two corpse carts. I really want to try to dominate the magic phase, so I lit a balefire on one while the unholy lodestone will help to keep my units alive as he breaks into my lines (or will help keep my units fresh if I need to close with his units). Two bound spells will also hopefully draw out his dispel dice, leaving me free to reign supreme in the magic phase. I want every dispel to hurt, for it to mean something else gets through.

    I'll most likely deploy the necromancer on his own, hiding behind the grave guard, likely flanking him with the corpse carts. I want him to be able to move around and support where he is needed, and to be able to summon zombies in the proper place.

    The idea is to dominate the magic phase, raise more units before engaging the enemy. I'll most likely try to "mine" the battlefield with units of zombies, which works wonderfully in smaller games ^^

    Thoughts, comments, tips all welcome!

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