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    First 2000 Point

    I've been toying around with various lists and I've come up with one that I'm happy with:

    Lucien the Arkayne
    : General.The Flayed Hauberk, Skull Staff, Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead, Master of the Black Arts. - [440]
    -Inside one of the skeleton units will easily be able to spam IoN raising skeles on a 3+. The only thing I'm worried about is he has no ward save whatsoever...

    Lily Feorn: Sceptre de Noirot, Master of the Black Arts. - [175]
    -Designed to spam Raise Dead and nothing else. Also inside one of the skeleton units.

    Falious Gray:
    Helm of Commandment, Avatar of Death. - [150]
    -As with my other characters he will be sitting in a skeleton bunker and making use of the Helm of Commandment. AoD for some cheap protection, will be taking HW/SH.

    Damon Krauss (Necromancer): Book of Arkhan. - [90]
    -After calculating the rest of the army I had 190 points spare so it was perfect for fitting in a necro to carry the book of arkhan and give him a corpse cart mount.

    19x Skeleton Warriors: FC, HW, SH, LA - [172]

    19x Skeleton Warriors: FC, HW, SH, LA - [172]

    19x Skeleton Warriors: FC, HW, SH, LA - [172]
    My core of choice.

    5 Dire Wolves - [40]
    -Will be running with the Varghulf.

    Corpse Cart: Unholy Lodestone - [100]

    20x Grave Guard: FC, HW, SH, HA, Banner of the Barrows - [315]
    -Hoping to combine them with the HoC and maybe even the CC or a casting of Vanhels. If not, still hitting on a 3+. However, I'm unsure whether they'd work better with GWs? I've heard they're great, but the survivability isn't something I'm sure I want to risk.

    Varghulf - [175]

    All comments will be greatly appreciated, thanks

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    Overall it's a very solid list. Pretty well balanced. I would reccommed giving your skeleton units some magic banners. Your unitswill need all the help they can to win combats. After all, what you're goinng to be doing is winning combat resolution through numbers and magic items, and breaking enemies with fear.

    Also remember that the Varghulf can't win on his own (most of the time). Don't send him out with the wolves with no other support unless you're prepared for him to be a terror bomb and a distraction, nothing else.
    I am heading off to the Peace Corps. It is bery likely I will not be back. Good luck to all of you endeavors.

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    I would drop the necro on corpse cart for another vamp to carry book of arkhan and give the vamp Master of the black arts to spam invoaction even more....and definetly gat magic banners for the skeleton units especially for your lords unit (war banner a great choice +1 combat res) and i would drop the unholy loadstone for balefire (-1 to cast...yes please)

    But abyway good luck in what you decide to do...after all its YOUR list!

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