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    1000pt - mini tournament

    Going to be playing in a small knock out tournament next week end, 1000 points, half of regular table size (so 3x4 as opposed to 6x4). 16 players so up to 4 games.
    No abnormal army restrictions like in the Warband rules so just straight up 1000 points restrictions like it is in the book.

    Expecting just over half the players to be deamons or Dark elves, a couple of the new chaos, another VC and an Orc player. Not sure about the rest.

    That said, here's the list I'm thinking of:

    Vampire - Power Stone, Power Stone, Forbidden Lore, Summon Ghouls
    Vampire - Power Stone, Power Stone, Forbidden Lore, Summon Ghouls
    Vampire - Dread Knight, Blood Drinker (goes with blood knights)

    Ghouls x10 - Champion
    Ghouls x10

    Blood Knights x4 - Musician, Banner, Strigoi Banner (Hatred)

    Total - 998

    General idea is to use the power stones and guarenteed Van Hels from Forbidden Lore to get the blood knights into combat ASAP. At 1000 I'm not expecting there to be much anti magic and I doubt many people will be expecting such a magic heavy army either.
    The smaller table means less chance for them to avoid or misdirect the blood knights and at 1000 points there's not going to be much that will be able to stand up to them. Mounted vampire goes with them to Invocate when needed.
    Meanwhile the rest of the army will advance up, Invocating with any spare dice to bolster the ghoul strength.

    2000AD's answer to all "How do VC deal with ..." questions: Forbidden Lore + 2 Power Stones.
    Further answers will require more vodka.

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    I can see you thought this through....and it is awesome...HOWEVER....i dont see the point in having both vamps with power stones...one is enough to get the knights in combat....the other can get rid of frobidden lore..and take ghoul kin instead that way both vamps are nearer the blood knights in order to better control them....with vanhels....once you get vanhels off....i would focus extremeley hard on raising up those ghoul units....one thing i have noticed is that YOU DO NOT HAVE THE BOOK OF ARKHAN......its a NECESSITY as for 35 points (same as forbidden lord) you gain a guaranteed casting or vanhels along with your own casting (assuming you also take van hels).....so think about it some more...but great idea

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