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    First Try 2000pts

    Hi, this is the first army list Ive made with the new vampires. I used to play them in 6th ed. but decided to take a break from them and played HE. Now Im going back to VC and i need your advice on how to make a good army. Here is what i had in mind:

    Vampire Lord- lvl.3, Master of the black arts, Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead, talisman of Lycni, Armour of Night and book of Arkhan

    Konrad von Carstein

    - Extra Spell

    Wight King- Enchanted Shield, Sword of Kings

    Zombie Horde- x25 with standard

    Skeleton Warriors- x20 with standard and champion, Battle Banner

    Skeleton Warriors- x15 with standard and champion, Spears

    Corpse Cart- unholy load stone

    Grave Guard- x20 with full command, Banner of the Barrows

    Black Knights- x6 with champion and standard, barding


    Well that's my army, I was going to have some wolves or bats but i ran out of points for them. I made my Lord a magic user mainly to raise up more skeletons and what ever els that gets killed. I hope he has enough protection but with movement 9 it will be hard to catch him in combat. The reason i chose Konrad was because i needed a cheap costing vampire with alot of punch and he seems to be pretty deadly while being cheap. He will probably go with one of the skeleton units. My Wight Lord will go with the Grave Guard so he benefits with the banner of the barrows which will help out his killing blow. Zombies are there as a meat shield and to slow things down. I plan to raise up more of the skeleton spear men before they get into combat. Im not to sure how to play the corpse cart but it will probably stay behind one of my units with the necromancer in it. The Varghulf and Black Knight will be on the flank.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    looks good , i would say not to take the zombies, its better to have something else and raise them up, if you really want zombies theres always the sceptre de noirot (and you have the loadstone too). That would give you points for wolves or bats . Alternativley you coudl spend the points on takign a vampire instead of the necromancer.

    The standard on the zombies too is pretty much free points for the enemy

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