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    Unusual 2000pts VC

    OK, so i had a few crazy ideas and so I thought I would put them into a list:

    Vampire Lord
    Forbidden Lore
    Master of the black arts
    +1 Magic Level
    Flayed Hauberk
    Book of arkhan
    Helm of commandment 430

    Vampire (in wolves)
    Dark Acolyte
    Summon Creatures of the Night
    Talsiman of the lycni
    Cadavarous Cuirass
    Sword of kings 195

    Vampire (in ghouls)
    Walking Death
    Dread Knight
    Drakenhof banner 300

    Avatar of death
    Rod of flaming death 185

    30x Ghouls

    15x Skeletons
    Full Command 140

    15x Skeletons
    Full Command 140

    10x dire wolves
    Doom Wolf

    Corpse Cart 100



    Pretty straight forward the unit of ghouls moves before the game with the BSB and the
    vamp lord sits in a skeleton bunker next to the ghouls and chooses any lore which will benefit me (probably lore of vampires/death) while the third vamp goes in the other skeletons......the is pretty much a fun list to try out....what do you think....unfeasable???

    Good luck, and may the dice gods smile upon you and smite your foes.

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    First off you have too many points in your hero's the heros should rarely cost more than your lord put together. (in my personal opinion)

    There is really no point in having a vampire in a wolf unit because that unit will die to anything very easily.

    Try fit Black Periapt on your Lord and Lord of the Dead/Summon Ghouls its really worth the price.

    You only have 2 hard hitting units, and one of those is only because its 30 man strong.

    Regen banner is not needed unless its on Grave Guard, otherwise your going to find that the unit does not even come close to its points value, and always have it on a wight king.

    Id probably say that you only need 2 hero vamps because 3 means your spending a crap load of points. Perhaps swap the bsb hero for a unit of 5 cairn wraiths with a banshee and swap one vamp to a spectral one.

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