Characters: Count Mannfred 580
Barded Steed, Skull Staff, Crimson Gem
Vampire Lord 405
Flying Horror, Infinite Hatred, Avatar of Death (Great Weapon)
Supernatural Terror
Flayed Hauberk, Von Carstein Ring
Vampire 300
Dread Knight, Ghoulkin
BSB, Drakenhoff Banner
Vampire 195
Nightshroud, Sword of Battle, Black Periapt
Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead
Vampire 185
Book of Arkhan
Avatar of Death (Shield), Dark Acolyte
Isabella Von Carstein
Character Total: 1755

Skeletons x20 201
Champion, Standard: Warbanner
Skeletons x20 176
Champion, Standard
Skeletons x20 201
Champion, Standard: Banner of Endless Nightmare
Ghouls x24 w/Ghast 200
Corpse Cart w/balefire 100
Dire Wolves x5 40
Core Total: 862

Grave Guard x20 w/great weapons 325
Full Command, Royal Standard of Strigos
Grave Guard x18 w/great weapons 296
Seneschal, Standard, Banner of the Barrows
Black Knights x5 161
Standard, Banner of Dead Legion
Special total: 782
PD: 16
DD: 9

Unfortunately didn't squeeze in in any dispel scrolls, which I'm worried about at 3.5k points but I do +1 to dispel and the corpse cart which is kind of like having +2 (couldn't fit the staff of sorcery anywhere)

Mannfred is my general with the flying lord going into a ghoul unit. Using the ghoulkin this guy will fly out and charge at something on the first turn w/4 S7 attacks and a 2+ armor save. Obviously this guy won't be going out against a fully ranked unit unless its something with a juicy character or general that has to receive the challenge. Chariots, skirmish units, war machine crew should all be easily enough handled with this guy. When he crumbles/dies on a 2+ he gets revived in my own lines, joining mannfred's and isabella's unit most likely to recuperate. With his terror this should cause a lot of pandemonium in the first turn of the game.

Mannfred and isabella will be in the same unit, one of the grave guard units for sure. The beauty of this is mannfred's many wounds, crimson gem and isabella's blood chalice makes such a perfect combination He can sacrifice one wound a turn knowing he'll get it back the next magic phase, this essentially gives him 7 PD!

The HW/S GG will be in a standard 5x4 block with the nightshroud vampire with them. This gives the vamp extra protection as anybody wishing to strike him must first recieve several killing blow attacks and the vampires own attacks.

The GW GG will be arranged in a 6x3 format for more attacks and will either fly solo or have the BSB with them to make them near impossible to kill. The BSB will either be with these guys or the black knights.

the dire wolves screen the black knights or redirect frenzied chargers away.

What does everybody think? There are alot of points invested in characters, as a result I've tried to up the amount of core units and infantry blocks as they are reliable and easy to re-raise. I have 6 blocks of infantry, 2 calvary units and a monster plus all my characters and the first magic phase I usually raise another large unit of zombies and add to my blocks.