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    2250 points for friendly play.


    This is the army that I am currently using against my friends. Most often I face the dark elves but sometimes it is dwarfs, imperials, high elves, goblins and soon the new lizardmen as well. You might think that it is a bit nasty with the helm of commandment, drakenhof banner and the banner of the barrows all working together but I would daresay that I need it to stand against the usual double-hydra ASF blackguard + magical bombardment list that the dark elves often pull out against me, heheh.

    Here it is!


    Vampire Lord - 485
    -level 3 upgrade, hellsteed
    -master of the black arts, forbidden lore, summon ghouls
    -skull staff, wristbands of black gold, biting blade

    Wight King - 245
    -battle standard, barded skeletal steed
    -the drakenhof banner

    Vampire - 190
    -dark acolyte, summon ghouls
    -helm of commandment, black periapt

    Necromancer - 95
    -vanhel's danse macabre
    -2x power stones


    17 Crypt Ghouls - 144
    -crypt ghast

    17 Crypt Ghouls - 144
    -crypt ghast

    10 Crypt Ghouls - 88 ~ Vampire goes here ~
    -crypt ghast

    Corpse Cart - 100
    -unholy lodestone


    20 Grave Guard - 335 ~ Wight King goes here ~
    -great weapons, full command
    -banner of the barrows

    5 Black Knights - 148
    -barding, musician


    5 Cairn Wraiths - 275
    -tomb banshee

    Totals 2249 points!

    The two larger units of ghouls will work together with the grave guard to hold the center and to try and break whatever the enemy sends against them. The smaller ghoul unit with the helm of commandment-vampire will be a bit behind these to let anyone who needs it use his weapon skill. The wraiths will try to work themselves out to one of the extreme flanks and target any vulnerable point. The black knights will aim to support whomever needs their aid. The lord will fly around and bolster the army with magic wherever it is needed.

    Any input would be appreciated. Is there anything that I have missed? Any minor little correction that could be made?


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