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    Theoretical 1000pt List

    Thank you in advance to anybody for any help. Right now I own a fairly good amount of VC models, but obviously am not satisfied with merely a warband's worth of points. I just wanted to run my list by you guys before compiling a shopping list.


    Vampire* - Dark Acolyte, Sword of Might (or Battle), Flayed Hauberk - 170 (My all around build)

    Necromancer** - Scroll x 2, Second Necromancy Spell - 120


    20 Skeletons* - Captain, Standard

    10 Ghouls - Ghast

    5 Dire Wolves (flankers)

    5 Dire Wolves (flankers)

    Corpse Cart** - Balefire (Doing what it does best)


    4 Fell Bats (wizard/artillery hunters)



    Total - 989

    Aside from simply commenting on the list, there are a few issues i'd appreciate being helped on as well.

    1. What are the best spells for the Nec to take
    2. Is my Fell Bat unit large enough for it's task
    3. Is the Varghulf worth it at 1000 points, because for exactly his monetary cost and roughly his points cost, I can buy a box of Knightly Orders and make Black Knights, giving them the Standard of Eternal Vigor (I believe thats the name).

    Any help is appreciated.

    Remember, fight like an ork, but never dance like one. Unless thats your thing.
    The Immortal Sons of Change (VC): 3-1-1

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    Necro is best to take vanhels, no need for dire wolves they arent that good at flanking pretty much 5 free CR for killing them yes a varghulf is good for war machine and wizard hunting T X with regen and X wounds and terror its great no need for fell bats id run just one type of troops especially without summoning powers, heres my 1000 point list that works

    Vampire 185
    -Lord of Dead
    -Dark Acoltye
    -flayed hauberk
    -sword of might

    Necromancer 105
    -extra spell (van hels)
    -book of arkhan

    Skeletons [19] 197
    -full command
    -war banner

    Skeletons [20] 205
    -full command
    -dead legion

    Corpse Cart
    -bale fire


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