In my ongoing quest to figure out a way to encorporate blood knights into my playing style (okay as an excuse to buy and paint some) I came up with this list (a modification of my earlier posted blood knight list) - based on the idea of fairly quick engagement...

Vampire Lord: Sword of might, Book of Arkhan, Helm of commandment, nightshroud, master of the black arts, Dark Acolyte, summon ghouls

Vampire: Dread knight, Blood drinker, Ghoulkin

Necromancer: Staff of damnation, Corpse cart with balefire, extra spell

Wight King: Sword of kings, barded Skeletal steed, BSB

12 Ghouls
12 Ghouls
12 Ghouls
5 dire wolves

5 black knights, barding, musician and standard, banner of the barrows

5 blood Knights, Musician, Standard, Royal Standard of Strigos

9 Pool, 6 dispel 3 bound spells, 1997 points

character placement is blooddrinker vamp with blood knights, wight king with black knights (escorted by vargulf), necro/corpse cart and Lord bunkered in one of the unit of ghouls shielded by the two other units. Dogs screen the Blood Knights.

Flanks have the knights (black knights and vargulf on the one with the most terrain) on each, with the ghoul blocks pretty central.

thoughts? (I'm trying to decide between this list and my other one posted)