Vampire Lord

Avatar of Death
Dark acolyte
Red Fury
Book of Arkhan
Barded nightmare

Vampire thrall

helm of command
dark acolyte
Master of ghouls
avatar of death
power stone


+spell (van hels)
2 power stones
corpse cart with lodestone

Zombies x20

Ghouls x15

Ghouls x15

Grave Guard x20
banner of barrows

Grave guard x18

Wraiths x4

Blood knights x5
banner of blood keep

The idea is that the necro on corpse cart would join the grave guard to A ) increase ranks and unit size and B ) for the bound spell. The ALTERNATIVE is the necro on foot and corpse cart serarately, but then I need to fit in 4 more GG for a 6x4. The 18 block simply absorbs a charge to set up for countering. Core blocks are tar pits and flank defense. Wraths and Blood knights (with vamp lord) are the primary killing power from the left and right flanks, while the GW GG are central. The vampire thrall will be behind the GG, or nearby, using the helm of command to give them WS6 (thus against most units the GG hit on 2's with the banner and wound on 2's).

In 2k I would remove the 18 GG with HW+S