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    2000 Hard Hitting List

    Lord - Dark Acolyte, iHate, LoD, Cadaverous Cuirass, Gem of Blood, Sword of Kings, Book - 375

    Vamp - Avatar of Death (3+ save in CC), Blood Drinker, Talisman of Lycni - 170

    Necro - DD, Invocation, Periapt - 90

    19 Skellies, CMD, War Banner - 197

    20 Ghouls + Ghast - 168

    20 Zombies

    4 Bats

    6 Black Knights, CMD, Double Unit Strength Banner - 233

    5 Wraiths + Banshee - 275

    5 Blood Knights with CMD - 325


    Thought it would be fun. I wanted 2 put in a Unit of Grave guard with regen. banner but unless i am just zombies it won't happen (actually i want to do that, but i don't have enough zombie models and am 2 lazy to paint 100 zombies).

    I borrowed the idea of setting up zombies in a conga line. Use lord and heroes spells to beef them up. Bats, Wraiths and Blood knights (with hero in wolf form, yeah!) take one flank. Lord + Necro + Skellies + ghouls take other. Black knights sit behind zombie wall and walk right though it later, using their reform to surprise anyone.

    Hero level Vamp takes new zombie spell unless he gets van hel's

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    On the whole I like it, you should be OK marching with 3 vampires dotted around the place.

    However I wouldn't bother with Cairn Wraiths. Ive nevber liked them and get blasted away very easily (most things seem to have magical attacks these days).

    I would remove that unit and replace it with a VARGHULF!!!!! and 2 units of dire wolves to shield your Blood Knights and give one of your vampires EITHER lord of the dead or summon ghouls (these changes work out at 5 points less than the cost of your wraiths) - then i would change your core options to one unit of zombies and 2 of the chosen one (for me its ghouls).

    But its great to see lists like these when most VC players are in the "lets spend 1000 points on 4 vampires and then just raise stuff" school.

    Good luck with it

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    Honestly, I'm not sure how hard hitting it is. Blood Knights will wreck faces, but other than that, you really don't have much of anything that can reliably beat a ranked unit from the front.

    Plus, your avatar vamp will only have a 4+ save in combat, not 3+... no parry bonus when weilding a magic weapon.

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