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Thread: 2000pts vs WoC

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    2000pts vs WoC

    Im playing my friends warriors of chaos army and I would like to know how you think this army would do against it.

    Vampire Lord
    -master of the black arts
    -forbidden lore
    -lord of the dead
    -helm of commandment
    -book of arkhan

    -dark acolyte
    -lord of the dead
    -flayed haubrek
    -biting blade
    -black periapt

    Wight King
    -skeletal steed with barding
    -sword of kings
    -accursed armor

    Skeleton warriors x15 with champion and standard

    Skeleton warriors x15 with champion and standard

    Skeleton warriors x14 with champion and standard

    Corpse Cart with unholy loadstone

    Dire wolves x5

    Grave guard x18 with champion and standard
    -banner of the barrows

    Fell bats x4

    Blood Knights x5 with standard
    -royal banner of strigos

    My plan is to have the vampire hero in with a skeleton unit to add some more fighting power while my lord just stays out of trouble and summons. My Wight King goes with the grave guard. I was thinking that my Wight King will be able to take out all of my opponent's heroes with the 5+ killing blow and the T6 while I use the helm to keep his WS up. My Vampire Lord took forbidden lore instead of another magic level just so I can take the lore of metal and melt all of his chosen warriors.

    I know that my friend likes to take a more combat heavy army with two units of chosen warriors as well as two war shrines to power them up. He also likes to fill up his core slots with marauders so I guess its a really infantry based army. I was going to send my units of infantry up the middle and send my blood knights at his flank, hopefully steam rolling through his marauders and hopefully reaching his chosen. My bats will try to march block and distract one unit of chosen so I can team up against his other unit. I was also thinking of taking out the bats and corpse cart and adding in a unit of carin wraiths. What do you guys think I should do, any suggestions? I would really like some feed back.

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    your lord NEEDS magic armor, hell be killed easily without it if your gonna give your wight king sword of kings then give him Nightshroud its an amazing combo, can kill characters with ease.

    seriously looks small for a 2k, in my opinion id drop the standard of strigos and one blood knight in your blood knight unit and try and fit another vampire in his place with banner of hellfire

    Drop one fell bat and try to fit in another unit of wolves

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