Well I used to have a VC army back in 6th edition with there old book and recently decided to start the army over again, with the awesome new models, especially the grave guard. I'm going for a more balanced army with my 1k, and as I expand to 2k it will be more combat orientated with just the lord supporting from afar. Anyways here is my list.

Vampire @ 170 Pts
Sword of Battle
The Flayed Hauberk
Dark Acolyte
Lord of Dead

Necromancer @ 105 Pts
Book of Arkhan
Invocation of Nehek
Raise Dead

20 Grave Guard @ 270 Pts
Full Command; Shield;

20 Skeleton Warriors @ 180 Pts
Full Command

20 Zombie Horde @ 80 Pts

Varghulf @ 175 Pts

Total Roster Cost: 995

My Vamp will go with the grave guard, and the necro with the skeletons, The zombies will hold one flank, while the varghulf goes around the other, most likely to grab warmachines or small fast cav units, or just lend support to the main blocks in combat. I'm not familiar with new book, only having played one small 500 point game. What do you guys think, is there anything I should add or subtract to the list, or just some helpfully tips to use during games. Thanks