Vamp Lord on Zombie Dragon (oh my god this is expensive)
dark acolyte
master black arts
summon ghouls
balfire spike
flayed hauberk
wristband black gold
book of arkhan

Vamp (w/ Blood Knights)
BSB Drakenhof banner

Vamp (w/ Skeletons)
dark acolyte
summon ghouls
helm of commandment
talisman of protection

10 ghouls
10 ghouls
14 skeletons w/ spears

5 black knights w/ standard: strigos (infront of blood knights)

3 fell bats (infront of black knights)

4 Blood Knights w/ standard: War banner

11 power dice is amazing.. I dont know if I was just rolling great but i raised approx 50 ghouls by the 3rd turn with the 2 vamps. However, the battle is on going

So far ive lost a fell bat, the unit of black knights and a hand full of ghouls. the ghouls are still going strong. Along with the blood knights they took out a unit of temple guards w/ bsb hero..
Is there any way to raise the Black Knights eventhough they are all gone?
Also I dont know if my dragon and lord can take the oldblood on carnie
Does any body have any suggestions for now or future?