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    1500 points Army of the Damned

    Army of the Damned, my particular take on Zombiefest but with a bit more punch to it, and raised to 1500 points.


    Count Necratus (Vampire, General): Avatar of Death, Infinite Hatred, Helm of Commandment, Enchanted Shield, Biting Blade, BSB

    Countess Seraphina (Vampire): Master of the Black Arts, Rod of Flaming Death, The Balefire Spike ,Nightmare.

    Olaf, Lord of the Dead (Necromancer): Sceptre de Noirot, Dispel Scroll., Mounted on Corpse Cart.
    Points: 105


    23 Zombies: Banner + Musician

    23 Zombies: Banner + Musician

    23 Zombies: Banner + Musician

    Corpse Cart:

    Corpse Cart: Unholy Lodestone
    Points: 100


    20 Zombie Kings (Graveguard): Full Command, Royal Standard of the Strigos, Great Weapons
    Points: 306

    Points: 175


    PD; 7 + 3 Bound Spells
    DD: 5 + Scroll

    I'm spending all of my PD powering out as many zombies as possible, the three units of zombies get big pretty quickly. The Necro is there to power out more units with the staff. All my zombies tie up my opponents units while i use the Vargulf and hard GG unit to smash into the flanks. The helm and carts help my zombies to actually get some kills while holding everything up. The Countess is to try to panic units when they are in combat with my zombie horde to trigger their ability for some nice damage. The other Vamp is in the GG unit. I left the Book of Arkhan out because it doesn't really fit in with the fluff of the army. Any tips?

    Count Necratus and his bride march across the lands and wherever their shadows fall the earth is infected with the corruption of undeath. Bodies emerge from the ground to follow their march and every foe that falls adds to this vast army. The elite Zombie Kings guard their masters against all foes for eternity. The army coats the land as far as the eye can see and all will fall under it's eternal shade.

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