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    3.5K "ultra" competitive Mannfred

    This is the alternate to the monster mash list I posted earlier, it's much more competitive but not as much fun. Well, here it goes:

    Mannfred Von Carstein
    Skull staff, crimson gem, nightmare (for a better armor save)

    Isabella Von Carstein
    Stays with mannfred so she can heal him whenever he uses the crimson gem

    nightshroud, sword of battle, black periapt
    dark acolyte, Summon Ghouls
    goes with one of the ghoul units and keeps them up to strength and is protected by night shroud and number of poison attacks/4 S5 attacks

    Dark acolyte, avatar of death
    book of arkhan
    Goes with warbanner skeletons for combat res

    extra spell (raise dead, invocation), 2x dispel scroll
    corpse cart w/balefire
    Goes with hand weapon GG

    Wight King
    BSB: Drakenhoff Banner
    Goes with great weapon GG along with mannfred/isabella

    Characters: 1495

    Skeletons x20
    champ, banner: warbanner

    Skeletons x20
    banner: Banner of Endless Horde

    Ghouls x20

    Ghouls x20

    Dire Wolves x5

    Dire Wolves x5

    Core Total: 765

    Grave Guard x20
    Standard: Banner of Barrows

    Grave Guard x20
    Champion, Great weapon, Standard: Banner of Strigos
    Mannfred, isabella and wight king go in here. They are in a 6 wide formation. Obviously the center of the line. I'm confident that they won't just avoid this unit because it offers so many points and the ultra valuable general. Possibly have the HW/S GG right next to them so they can threaten the flanks of any units that does charge them.

    Fell bats x5
    War Machine hunters, mannfred can raise to a larger unit

    Black Knights x5
    Musician, Standard: Cursed Banner
    Will assist the varghulfs, if possible, get a flank charge off.

    Special Total: 886

    Varghulf x2

    14 PD, 2 Bound spells

    8 DD, 2 Dispel Scrolls


    Most Notable Achievements:
    Killed a Revenant Titan in one shot.
    Killed 900 pts worth of Blood Angels in 2 turns while only loosing 4 pts.

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    22 (x1)

    Looks kick ass so far, i do not have my codex in front of me but i think around 3k pts, you are only allowed 5 characters max, but like i said not sure, might want to check up on that.
    I would drop Mannfred, it is always better to build your own lord and it will come out to the same points. The custom made heros tend to be a waste of points and at 3.5k your lord NEEDS a great save, and mannfred is slacking. I get what you are trying to do with his 5 W, and having i think every known spell but it is always safer and better to get a new lord, upgrade to level 4 wizard and give him not only some decent armor, but you can if needed get the upgrade to give him more spells if needed.
    You also have a vampire who goes with the skeles, i would give him Lord of the dead so he can help his squad out a bit, its only 15pts and with 2 skeletons back has alrdy payed itself off.
    I do not think this army needs dire. This high of points with no Blood Knights, they will only get in the way and your opponite playing VC will diffently flush out his squads for combat and making sure he does not run away, so Dire's will be pointless. I feel Fel bats will be better or think about adding another Corpse Cart at this point cost to really hurt the enemy casters so you can dominate in the magic phase. You got the movement and magic phase won looking at this list, so if you can use those 2 to kick ass in the Close Combat phase, then i think this army will be very solid, Looks good
    Good Luck and have fun!

    8th Ed WOOT

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