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    Starter 1k list with questions

    I introduced my new friend to Warhammer, and to the Vampire counts. He fell in love with the models right away.

    I told him all that I knew about Vampire Counts, and as I have the book downl... (shh) I made a list based on his thoughts. He said he wants the army to work as one, and that the Characters buff their allies around them rather than bashing all the enemies themselves.

    So, I designed him an example list:

    Vampire 190 pts
    Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead, Helm of Commandment, Black Periapt

    Necromancer 105 pts
    Additional spell, The Book of Arkhan

    Necromancer 110 pts
    Additional spell, Staff of Damnation

    10 Skeletons 90 pts

    10 Skeletons 90 pts

    Corpse Cart 100 pts

    15 Grave Guard 225 pts
    Full command, Great weapons

    Idea is quite simple, to reach the enemy, while summoning more skeletons to take the charge, then give them ASF with the Cart, ws of 6 with the Helmet, and additional attacks with the Staff. Grave Guard suddenly become very dangerous.

    The weakness is that the army is so easily outflanked. I might drop the Corpse Cart or the Arkhan Necromancer and add a nit of Wraiths or Hounds or Fel Bats.

    So, the list has 3 Characters, should I remove the Necromancers and put in a more hitty Vampire? Or is this amount of magic required to perform the idea behind the list?

    I have 90 points left, and that isn't enough to buy a unit of Cairn Wraiths, which my friend and I absolutely love, so what do I need to drop in order to get the unit of them?

    If that's not possible, then how would you spend the remaining points?

    Thanks in advance for all the income!

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