1500 VC escalation battle - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 VC escalation battle

    My local shop is holding a escalation battle every month we increase the point cost the idea is to get gamers who do not have a painted army painting. Anyway I am rather new to fantasy and was wondering what you all thought about my current list.

    Manfred the Acolyte w/Skull Staff & Nightmare 270pts
    Black Knights x5 w/full command and War Banner 205pts

    Vampire w/Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death (2 Swords) & Book of Arkhan 185pts
    Crypt Ghouls x19 w/ghast 160

    Vampire w/Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death (2 Swords) & Staff of Damnation 190pts
    Crypt Ghouls x19 w/Ghast 160

    Skeleton Warriors x30 w/full command, HW & Shields and Banner of Dead legion 285pts
    Corpse Cart w/Lode Stone x2 200pts

    The vampires will be attached to the ghouls and Manfred will be attached to the Black Knights

    First questions do you think I am better off keeping Avatar of Death or should I drop it for Summon Ghoul?

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    Heya, just a couple thoughts on your list. But I haven't really played so take it with a grain of salt.

    Mannfred is your general, which is not a unit you want to be hurling towards the enemy in a cavalry charge with vampires. I'd suggest putting one of your other vampires there instead, and swapping manfred into a ghoul/skeleton unit where he can be the casting fiend that he is. You don't want all that magic casting getting tied up.

    Grab the ghoulkin ability on one of your vamps, gives you a free march with both your ghoul squads, so you'll start closer to your opponent, giving them less time to shoot you before you hit their lines.
    Hard to say if having the extra hits from your vampires is better than summon ghouls, though it might be useful, I feel you'll have enough casting with DAcolyte.

    Actually I could see you putting a Wightking in with those Black knights.

    I could see your skeleton units getting split in half, 30 will be able to walk over anything but I'm iffy about it's tactical flexibility. Maybe just drop it to 25 and use some of those points elsewhere?

    Best of luck though.

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