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Thread: 2250 tournament

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    2250 tournament

    10 ghouls +B (ghast)
    10 ghouls +C (ghast)
    10 ghouls +D (ghast)
    3 corps cart(unholy lode stone)

    16 grave gard +A 3 ranks 5-5-6 (sanshal & standard barrer royal standard of the strigos)
    4 fell bats
    4 fell bats

    1 vargulf

    A vampire LORD+1 magic +nightmare 475
    avatar of death/master of the black arts/summon COTN/ghouls
    skull staf/the cadaverous cuirass/cursed book

    B vampire+nightmare 193
    avatart/dark acolite
    book of akrahn

    C vampire+nightmare BSB warbanner 208
    avatart/dark acolite

    D vampire+nightmare 203
    summon creatures of the night/dark acolite
    helm of command/black perlaps

    main focus is to get the bats up to 10-15 modddels so when i flank charge i have 2 ranks +side
    get the ghouls up to 22+ 5-5-6-6
    vargulf is fore killing warmaschiens and yust pissing them off

    and with 13PD 4(5)bound spell and raise 1d6+3 (bats(wounds) /grave gard/ghouls/posebly 1d6+7zombies) and 7 dispell dice +1 to dispell

    i can build up my ghouls 2x as fast easy repair gravegards and have a big striker blokes of flyres and vargulf

    wat do you think any tips or idee's?
    i still trying to figure out wat to do about high elf /dark elf dragon +lord last tournament of the 22 peaple there where like 12 who played dark/high elfs with that dragon+lord thing

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    fell bats as flankers aren' that hot since units of flyers are treated as skirmishers (pg69) thus, no negating enemy ranks & no rank bonus... plus, with their 40mm bases, they don't get that many models into the fighting rank. (5 at most if you're lucky!!!)

    the ghoul units need to start bigger - especially against evles who can wipe out an entire unit with their shooting/magic missiles should they get the first turn!!! against elves of all flavours, i'd start your ghouls at 15 strong... the extra 5 models/unit can mean that if they spread their fire around, you'll still have a couple ghouls left, while if they focuse fire to wipe out an entire unit, they'd be extremely lucky to wipe out more than just 1 unit!

    grave guard could also do with being bigger IMHO... i never go into 2000-2250pts without at least 18-20... 3-5 extra models may not smea like much, but it's often made the difference between losing the entire unit or having 1 or 2 models left in close games!
    also, i'd go for the banner of the barrows over the royal banner... +1 to-hit every round is infinitely better than re-rolls 1st turn only. besides, if you want your re-rolls, then just hit the unit with a vanhel's once it's in combat!

    as for combating dragons, here's a few ideas;
    - lord with the tried & tested dreadlance + red fury combo... even a dragon (or better yet the character riding the flying lizard!) is going to feel auto-hitting S7 attacks!
    - if regen is a problem, try for this little 'cruise missile lord' combo: hellsteed +
    Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Avatar of Death w/Heavy armour, Shield, Balefire Spike, Wristbands & Hand of Dust.
    so you've got a solid armour save, a 3+ ward vs any ranged attacks and a potential 8 S7 flaming attacks to throw about after a hand of dust in the magic phase!!! (this is the combo i used to rock morghur master of skull's face btw!)
    - a lord w/forbidden lore is handy for gaining combat buffing spells like bear's anger or flaming sword. give him the talisman of lycni for the added speed boost.
    - take a dragon your own!!!lol.
    - if all else fails, just slap a massive unit of raised zombies in his face! works brilliantly if they're magic defenses are lacking a bit... that lizard will be stuck all day fighting off 50+ zombies who'll simply keep coming back for more face kicking!


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