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    2250, 1st VC list

    The general plan is to have a vamp go with the GG and each of the SW units. They'll just spam IoN with one die for each casting. The varghulf and the fell bats will go off march blocking and hunting for targets of opportunity. The wolves will be on the flanks. I want the Corpse carts for the bound spell and the BFire so they'll stay with the main group.

    And I hope to raise plenty of zombies on the enemie's rear flank when I can.

    Skeleton Warriors x 15 Full comm = 140
    x 3 = 420

    Dire Wolf x 5
    x 2

    Corpse Cart w/ BF = 100
    x2 = 200

    Varghulf x 1

    Fell Bats x 4

    Grave Gard x20 Full comm + B of Barrows = 315

    Vamp Lord = 395
    Master of Dark
    Inf Hate
    Lord of Dead
    Blood drinker
    Walach's armor
    Ench Shld

    Vamp Hero BSB
    Tomb Blade
    Flayed Hauberk
    Lord of Dead

    Vamp Hero 135

    Avatar of Death
    Lord of Death

    Vamp Hero 135

    Avatar of Death
    Lord of Death

    And that brings me up to 2125. There's an extra 125 points to play with. I'm not sure if I should trim points off anything. Any pointers would be great!

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    a few ideas:
    - don't try and make your vamp a 'jack of all trades' type character by mixing magical superiority & combat prowess as you're simply turning him into a 'master of nothing' which is very, very bad! (ie: he'll still be a below average fighter compared to other fighty lords, and his magic suffers as he could be alot better at it...)
    as an example of a magically dominant lord, here's the set-up i usually run:
    Lv3 upgrade, master of the black arts, forbidden lore, lord of the dead, accursed armour, crown of damnation & staff of damnation or book of arkhan.
    this gives me an effective Lv4.5 wizard as i'll have 6 spells + 5 casting dice! only slaan and tzeentchian lords truely equal this casting monster! the crown is a personal thing overall, some people don't like the thought of stupidity on the army's linchpin... the armour gives me the toughness of a large monster, while depending on what i'm likely to face, i'll swap between the staff for extra combat power, or the book for another vanhel's...
    if a fighty lord is what you're after, then don't bother with any of the magical powers! just stick to making your lord a butcher of all things warm blooded!!! powers like dreadknight/avatar of death, infinate hatred, red fury, walking death and/or beguile can all help build a powerhouse fighter! magic items like the dreadlance/balefire spike, sword of kings, flayed hauberk/bloody hauberk, gem of blood, staff of damnation all suit a fighter style lord

    - drop 1 unit of skellies to 10. just use the unit as a bunker for a hero level caster vampire... a solid candidate for say a summoning power + dark acolyte & helm of commandment.
    form your main battle line with: skellies---grave guard---skellies. stick the bunker unit & corpse cart/s behind the grave guard.

    - also on the skellies, make sure you give them a magic banner as it's their big advantage over ghouls; static combat res + additional effect due to a magical standard. almost no other army in the entire game gets lots of magic banners on their core infantry units! make sure you make the most of it!

    i'll have more to follow, but i'm hungry and my food's up!

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    *Agrees with above*

    I would say, for the additional points, buy a unit of Black Knights

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