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    2000 pt Reworked List

    Had a magic list that looked good on paper but turned out to be garbage in practice. Lost 6 games with 0 wins so here I am trying for a more combat oriented list. Let me know what you think. Would be nice to have a win under my belt.

    Vampire Lord
    Wristbands of Black Gold
    Dread Knight
    Red Fury

    Biting Blade
    The Flayed Hauberk
    Power Stone
    Dark Acolyte
    Summon Ghouls

    Dispel Scroll x 2
    Avatar of Death (Shield)
    Dark Acolyte

    Wight King
    BSB: Drakenhof


    Skeletons x 20
    War Banner

    Skeletons x 20
    Standard Bearer

    Ghouls x 10

    Corpse Cart w/ Unholy Lodestone


    Black Knights x 5
    Banner of Strigos

    Grave Guard x 17
    Banner of the Barrows

    Idea is to put the lord in with the Black Knights and throw the Wight King in with the Grave Guard. Hammer and anvil. The other two vampires will be put in with the skellys to keep them up and running while helping put out some damage. It's not very magic heavy so I packed in some dispel scrolls and a power stone if I ever have a chance to get off a bit 12+ spell.

    Also, if anyone could figure out a way to fit a Varghulf or Cairn Wraits + Banshee in this list, that'd be fun too.

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    Looks like a decent list to me. I'd lose a Scroll for an Enchanted Shield on your second hero Vampire, granting him a 2+ armour save as well. I would also consider switching the Strigoi standard out for the Hellfire banner on your Black Knights. Such few attacks will unlikely be making much of a difference anyway, I would rather make sure that the unit will stand a good chance of demolishing any and all regenerating units that get in the way.

    For your Lord, remember to keep him away from enemy characters as he only has a 2+ armour save to protect him in close combat.

    As for a tempting rare choice, I just can't decide what I would drop in order to fit something in. Everything has its place in your list already, heheh.

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    Pretty much as MasterSpark wrote...

    Exceptions and adds:

    Do never degrade a Vampire to Scroll Caddy! I would say, switch this character for a Necromancer instead, if the Scrolls are what you need. If not, switch the Scrolls for something handy

    The Drakenhof Banner to your Wight King... It costs you ALOT more than it will actually help you out. Switch that Banner for Sword of Kings + Nightshroud / Gem of Blood (He will actually be able to take the extra wound if it would turn out bad).

    And woops! You got points left to spend too Go for it Man, buy what you want here Mouhahahahaha

    Ask Nagash! Click on the banner...
    WiP TK Army!

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