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    need help with turny

    hello we have a tournament coming up and the special thing is 1 rule stats not all fielded hero's can be wizards

    and playing mostly chees list high elf with dragons / dark elfs demons get the gist of it

    my list is
    lord +1 magic lvl nightmare (with grave guard )
    red fury / dark acolyte / lord of the undead
    night shroud/ sword of might / crown of the damned / cursed book (or dispel scroll not sure)

    vampire -nightmare (C skeleton )
    dark acolyte / lord of undead
    helm of command / cadaverous cuiras

    hero - nightmare (A skeleton )
    dark acolyte / avatar of death
    book of akrahn / black per laps

    Wight King "bsb" draken hof banner (with grave guard)
    great weapon heavy armor sword shield

    A 13 skeleton (full command) banner of war
    B 15 skeleton (full command) banner of endless nightmare
    C 15 skeleton (full command)

    15 grave guards (banner / champion)
    royal standart of strigoi / great weapon

    5 cairn wraith

    black coach (nothing like a flying ethereal T5 1D6+2 bullet and a vampire to help the wraiths
    2250 total

    wat you guys think

    my left flanks are guarded by my gravegards and on my right the wraiths and the black coach

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    I think you should drop iether the wraiths or teh Black coach and get some Wight cavalry, as they are a tad more resilient, and hit as hard as the wraiths (albeit with fewer attacks), but Killing blow makes them deadly against characters...

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    Theres no need to put your characters on nightmares heres my suggestion

    Vamp Lord w LVL 3 Master of the Black Arts, Forbidden Lore, Lord of the Dead, Flayed Hauberk, Talisman of the Lycni, Wristbands of Black Gold. This character is 420 hes a good caster and hes also safe from your enemy, he can just follow the coach around until it gets enough dice.

    Vampire 2 is fine and so is number 3 other than the fact hes illegal becaseu he has 2 arcane items

    With the Drakenhoff banner do not go thinking the Grave Guard are invincible because they are anything but, just be sure to be careful with them

    Take a banshee they are soooo worth it

    And you have WAY WAY too many points on heroes in your list,

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