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    2250 Magic- Unfriendly

    Here's the newest list that I've started working on. The idea is fairly simple- boost the skeleton units to about 20 men within a turn or two, and raise additional units of zombies, hold the line with the GG, and use the BKs and CWs to kill off pricey enemy mains for an early lead.
    The BSB and Arkhan vampires both join the GG unit, while the other two vampires hide inside the skeletons.
    Depending on further playtesting, I have been considering dropping the Zombies (who can be raised onto the field) for a regiment of Skeletons for more combat ability. Additionally, I have considered dropping the Hounds, Banner of Strigos, and the GG Musc in order to swap the 5 Cairn Wraiths for another unit of 5 Blood Knights with a Standard Bearer.

    Lvl3 Vampire Lord
    Master of Black Arts
    Dark Acolyte
    Lord of the Damned
    Helm of Commandment
    Flayed Hauberk
    Staff of Sorcery

    Vampire BSB
    Dark Acolyte
    Avatar of Death (hw&s)
    Drakenhof Banner

    Dark Acolyte
    Avatar of Death (hw&s)
    Staff of Damnation
    @ 190

    Master of Black Arts
    Enchanted Shield
    Book of Arkhan
    @ 200

    10 Skeletons
    Champion, Standard Bearer
    @ 96

    10 Skeletons
    Champion, Standard Bearer
    @ 96

    20 Zombies
    Standard Bearer

    5 Dire Wolves

    13 Grave Guard
    Champion, Standard Bearer
    Banner of the Dead Legion
    Great Weapons

    5 Blood Knights
    Standard Bearer
    Banner of Strigos

    5 Cairn Wraiths

    total: 2249/2,250
    51% heroes
    15pd + 2bound
    7dd, +1dispel

    Pts Values for AoS here!

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    The List looks good... Very magic oriented

    I would suggest that you add a hard-hitter Vampire, so that you got some Combat power there too - you WILL get spells of without that Wizard, I promise

    The GGs could use a boost in some way or another, 13 just will not do... They are too few :/


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    See, the problem I have with skeleton regiments that are a measly 10 men in size is that I've seen them get blasted turn one. I played my Tzeentchi Daemons at a tourney a while ago, against a guy with a list similar to yours (except he had 25 GG w/Drakenhof too) and I got first turn. I wiped 2 skelly units with flamers and the last with an irresistable burning gaze and a flickering fire. It kinda went downhill for him from there, as he was 3 units down by turn 1. As such, I always field a bare minimum of 20 skeletons. And I like to have 2 characters with Lord of the Dead.

    In my opinion, you've tried to fit in too many hammers, and as such your anvils are more like... a sturdy door. It'll ward off a few punches, but as soon as someone brings a sledgehammer, you're floatin in the water. I'd advise dropping the Blood Knights/Cairn Wraiths, pumping the GG up to 20, dropping (I know, shoot me) a Vampire, and getting some half decent core representation. You'll still have 13 PD+1 bound, but you will also be a lot more resilient on the way over. I mean, any army with a half decent bit of firepower/magic will be able to take one of your skeleton units out the game on the first turn. And then, while it may not seem much, thats a decent anvil to be and a possible character gone.

    But this is my opinion.


    Originally Posted by Archnomad
    Well I picked up my first model when I was 7.

    I misunderstood that... ALOT


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