Hi there...

Here's what I was thinking of bringing to the upcoming 'ard boyz tourney... comments and recommendations greatly appreciated!


General: count manfred; skull staff; book of arkhan

Vampire lord: level three upgrade, Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Dread Knight, Blooddrinker, Walach's bloody Hauberk, Black Periapt

Vampire: hellsteed, cadaverous cuirass, helm of commandment, dark acolyte, summon ghouls

Wight King BSB with Drakenhoff banner, barded steed and lance

5 dire wolves
5 dire wolves
corpse cart with balefire
15 ghouls
15 ghouls
12 ghouls
12 ghouls


8 black knights; barding, standard of Strigos, musician
(wight king and count mannfred go here)


5 blood knights: Kastellan with the balefire spike, musician, flag of the blood keep (vampire lord goes here)


total : 2997 points
13 power dice + 2 bound +1 to cast for Mannfred
7 dispel dice +1 to dispel attempts -1 to enemy casting
84 models


I was considering shaving points off the ghouls to add another balefire cart for the extra bound and extra -1 to casting, but not sure if that leaves the ghoul units far too small and easy pickings....