I will be starting VC soon, and want to have a Fluffy Vlad list, with Konrad and Mannfred the Acolyte

This is when he first started out, what do you think of it as a starting army?

Vampire 195
-Dark Acolyte
-Lord of the Dead
-Tomb Blade
-The Flayed Hauberk

"Less-skilled-and-non-vampiric Mannfred"
Necromancer 70
-Extra Necromancy Spell

"Drakenhof Guard"
10 Skeleton Warriors 125
-Full Command
-Banner of the Dead Legion

10 Skeleton Warriors 110
-Full Command

I will buy the Vlad model to use as the vampire, the Mannfred on foot to use as the necromancer, and Grave Guard to use as the Drakenhof Guard to make them stand out.

I would appreciate any suggestions.