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    1250 Friendly With Combat Heavy Vamp

    So ive been wanting to start a new army for awhile and VC and Empire have really caught my attention. So in order to help me decide which army to start i made a list, Tell me how it is!


    Flayed Hauberk
    Dark Acolyte
    Summon Ghouls

    Sword of Kings
    Infinite Hatred
    Walking Death


    20 Skeletons
    Full Command
    -BSB goes here

    20 Grave Guard
    Full Command
    HW & Shield
    Banner of the Dead Legion
    -General goes here

    7 Dire Wolves

    6 Dire Wolves

    1 Corpse Cart

    12 Ghouls

    12 Ghouls

    My strategy is to march my 2 troops blocks down the middle with ghouls to cover flanks and have my wolves go kill wizards, warmachines, march block or get a nice juicy rear charge when i have the chance. Corpse cart will go in between core blocks giving them more guys raised and ASF.

    i was thinking maybe a bsb is useless in such low point games with VC but with my Dwarfs I always take a bsb in 1250 and up so I thought one here might be useful.

    Is 200pts too much for one hero(thats how much my general costs)?

    also would my list do better without the corpse cart and drop some ghouls to maybe get some black knights?

    Basically i thought having a strong combat heavy vampire would be alot of fun but if you guys think id be better off with something else.

    Thanks for Looking at this Post!

    Edit: realized that GG are special but doesnt really make any difference so just gonna leave it the way it is

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    Well combat vampires are fun, but urs are not very combat happy.

    Your general since you have no horse squad should go in grave guard like u have done. So give him vamp power where he gets armor, and sword, shield forgot what its called, the other 1 besides dread knight. Then use the extra 35pts to give him crap wish i had my codex but infinite hatred i think its called. For items give him Sword of might and, crown of horns for 4+ ward or gem of blood ect. or even the cloak that makes ur enemy strike at Initiative 1, making u go first. Your general always needs a good save if he plan to be in combat, people will issue challenges and will do anything to kill your general.

    Your ghouls are small, so think of combining them into 1, if u have low casters, make ur sqauds bigger and try to find some points to give u a heavy hitter, either Wraiths, or Varg. Kill some dogs, skels, or ghouls.
    Good Luck and have fun!

    8th Ed WOOT

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